Freedom Lands and the Sky

Like many other concepts humans brought up the ‘freedom concept’  from one of their significant wishes. Wish of not being bounded, wish of not being limited.

One can be visualised as confined to a freedom land with four different boundaries at each border. One boundary is at our relations with other people, the second arises from our relation to God, the third boundary is physical constraints and the fourth one is the limitations we set for ourselves. Of course there are interactions between these four as well.

Confinement to a small or a larger freedom land does not matter much for an individual as long as one does not have the desire to expand the existing boundaries. Equal satisfactions from life could come from having a small freedom land or bigger freedom land if one has no problem with boundaries.  Some might enjoy the challenge to expand boundaries but some might seek for even more confinement. Any comparison for different satisfactions in different size freedom lands would have to be subjective.

What makes a difference is in the direction where there are no boundaries. That is, not towards the four borders but towards the sky. This is the ‘discovery’ direction; towards the sky through aesthetics, science, curiosity, art, music, travelling, learning, searching, discovering…

If there is one objective comparison between having a smaller freedom land and a bigger land, those who have the latter have a stronger tendency to look up to the sky and spend more time in it.

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